Our company is supported on three basic principles:

• The first principle is the development of technology. We constantly invest in last-generation equipment and training of our staff, always seeking for innovative solutions.
• The second principle is the improvement of quality. Although we have already been certified with ISO 9001, we continue seeking ZERO DEFECTS.
• The third and most important principle is the seriousness of our staff. Our employees are committed with the future of our company and with our customers' success.

Thus, PROMINAS became the market leader in every branch that it operates in Brazil and has been increasing its participation in international markets. Moreover, diversification of products has led us to a heterogeneous book of business, including the largest state enterprises, major multinationals, the best Brazilian companies, individuals, and customers worldwide. For all of them, we guarantee a personalized and individualized service.

Ubiraci Moreno Pires Corrêa
Chief Executive Officer