The PROMINAS BRASIL EQUIPAMENTOS is a company that despite being leader in the South American market, offers a simple but differentiated proposal for segments in which it operates, providing reliable equipment and products that result in real improvements to its customers.

It was established with the objective of being unique in the quality of its products and services, commitment and full involvement with its customers’ needs. Its organizational structure, represented by its board of directors, gives it experience and knowledge on products and services.

Currently, the company management is fully professionalized, with priority on administrative rationalization and marketing and research and development programs aimed at meeting its customers’ needs.

PROMINAS is a 100% Brazilian industry operating for over 48 years in strategic areas of the Brazilian economy, producing equipment for prospecting groundwater, mineralogical drillings, oil research and production, urban and industrial cleanliness, basic sanitation, and steel industry.

Besides technology, the PROMINAS Brasil Equipamentos Ltda, has heavily invested in the training of its engineers and middle-level technicians, professionalizing its administrative and technical staff, counting today on modern and highly professional structure at all levels.

PROMINAS stands out in market due to investments in human resources and continuous technological updating, producing here equipment with quality and competitive costs at international level, competing with top U.S. and European companies in the foreign market.


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