Planning and Production Control

Planning and Production Control in PROMINAS is one of the vital cells of the entire production system, which manages the planning and control of the flow of materials through the production process, optimizing production resources, materials, manpower and equipment needed, requiring organization, planning, and full control.

PROMINAS has significantly increased the level of service to its customers by improving the management of production operations, using solutions that provide total visibility into the planning and execution of Service Orders, offering fast and accurate responses about delivery dates, considering the relative priority of urgencies.

The production planning software, especially designed for non-serial productions, updates the planning at every appointment, information from all sectors of the company, allowing tight control of purchases, providing precise dates of when to place an order and when it should be available for use, thereby generating cash flow.

Main advantages:

• Allows accurate control of machine and man loading, managing unproductive stops as well as preventive machine stops;
• Provides the appointment through bar code in all sectors of the company;
• Through the production appointment, control of purchases, outsourced services, reworks, allows the monitoring of the project cost, comparing expected and obtained results;
• Allows that changes in the structure or manufacturing process are reflected immediately and automatically in the Production Orders, even if they are already in production;
• Does the necessary control to meet the ISO requirements and also controls the cost of poor quality, scraps, reworks, showing efficiency and yield graphics.