Strategic Objectives

The Quality Management System adopted demonstrates the commitment of the Board of Directors of PROMINAS with the process of developing and continuously improving the quality of its products, processes and services.

The objective of PROMINAS is to keep working on the improvement of all processes in order to ensure credibility and public reputation of the company.

Customers and Partners

PROMINAS distinctly operates in its market segments, aiming to elevate its position in markets where it operates through the satisfaction of customers:
• Maintaining the market leadership earned.
• Practicing a competitive pricing policy;
• Providing an efficient after-sales service;
• Developing partnership relationships with its suppliers to maintain a continuous update in technological and market terms;
• Maintaining a participatory management system, decentralizing power and delegating authority levels;
• Meeting needs, expectations and ensuring satisfaction by mobilizing the potential of its business sectors.

Human Resources

To create conditions for people to be one of the factors of competitive advantage in its production process:

• Promoting environment of motivation and continuous learning by providing them with technical and human resources needed to successfully perform the tasks inherent in their duties.

• Encouraging and promoting constant updating and training, contributing to the professional development of its employees.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Collaborating with official competent authorities in order to contribute to environmental conservation, including separating materials and sending them for recycling.


Permanently incorporating new technologies, supplies, processes and products:
• Developing researches and updating them according to global reality.
• Promoting partnerships and alliances, consolidated on the company’s values.
• Adopting advanced and effective management models.